CultureKind provide a variety of enjoyable Chinese cultural educational workshops in and around Telford and Shropshire.

You may choose one or any combinations  to fit your schools International Week or Chinese New Year Celebrations.

  Chinese Lion Dance  ● Chinese Fan Dance ● Chinese Ribbon Dance  ● Chinese Chopsticks Dance  ● Chinese Kungfu ● Chinese Sports Game ● Introduction of Chinese traditions and culture  ●  Chinese religion ●  Chinese Language ●  Chinese Calligraphy ● Chinese Costumes ●  Art Crafts



Call Grace Tong on 07920 886316 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book your Chinese Culture workshops

Chinese Costumes Chinese Lantern Painting Chinese Martical Art

Grace Fan Dance

 Chinese Ribbon Dance

Chinese Fan DanceChinese Dragon Story

Boys Chinese Fan Dance

Chinese Fan Dance


Chinese Lion Dance

We work with children from Early Years right through to Secondary School and can also attend local festivals, fetes and other events.

Since 2000, Grace Tong has successfully created many different Chinese Workshops, and delivered these in Nursery schools, Primary schools, Academies and Secondary Schools in Telford, where she has an excellent reputation with staff and pupils alike, and many annual bookings! These services have been also provided to the Schools Multicultural Development Service, in Telford and Wrekin for many years.

All the sessions shown in our photos below, and the unique Chinese workshops were created by Grace or CultureKind. Grace is original in her approach and always plans to suit your individual needs. Please contact her for help or with any enquiry.


Chinese storytelling includes Chinese New Year stories, Stories about dragons and other Chinese festivals. The children always enjoy the Chinese workshops ~ and smile and giggle throughout! Even a few days after the workshops it is common for the children to be still singing the songs they have learned. Stunning Chinese traditional costumes transport the children back in time to the Chinese Imperial world. Playing the part of an Emperor or Empress is always exciting! 

Children wouldn’t like to miss Grace’s unique way of running Chinese Kungfu workshops. Grace developed her very own fun Kungfu animating movements according to famous Chinese kungfu routine, Five Animal Play, of which animals were also appeared Kungfu Panda movie. Even teachers are enjoying doing it! Children are always well disciplined during the fun session. Many teachers used Grace’s special techniques and find very useful. 

Grace has developed her own fun Kungfu sessions with movements taken from the famous Chinese Kungfu routine, Five Animal Play ~ the animals from which also appear in the Kungfu Panda film. Many teachers are enjoying doing it too! Children get a lot of pleasure, as well as benefit, from such a fun session, and many teachers adopt our methods and find them very useful long after the workshop! 

Boys, as well as girls, enjoy the Chinese style dance movements, and particularly enjoy using the Chinese Fans in their movements. We teach simple Chinese dance footwork, hands movements and posture to the young children, and they learn to use fans, and other props like the Chinese flower handkerchief, to make different patterns. Ribbons are also a big favourite. 

Older children are invited to create their own mini Chinese dance display, after we have shown them traditional movements. Having many years experience of Chinese Dance choreography, Grace is able to offer just the amount of support needed for them to produce their own short routine, during the workshop, and to perform it to their peers at the end of the session, which is a great confidence booster and very fulfilling for them. 

Making Chinese dragon puppets is always popular with little ones along with our Greeting Card activity. All children love to see what their own names look, like spelt in Chinese character writing, and these are incorporated into a card for a special occasion or just to tell Mum or Dad how much they love them! 

Our Chinese Workshop programmes can be tailored to your individual needs and timing is also flexible to suit ~ from a brief one hour taster, to a 'Chinese Week' involving all students from every year group. 

Please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment, due to the growing success of the Chinese workshops. However, we can sometimes accommodate last minute bookings and will always try our very best for you. 

Please contact Grace Tong, at CultureKind, on 01952 200032 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book. 

Typical Chinese Fan Dance Workshops for Reception and Key Stage 1 children 

The Chinese Theme is introduced during large hall Assembly. This comprises of a Chinese Dance demonstration, storytelling and simple Chinese action songs. It is a very active introduction to Chinese Culture which encourages participation and lots of questions and answers. The children can also meet our Chinese Dragon.

After Assembly time, the children will each have individual, class-based sessions, the timing of which will be tailored to suit your needs ~ usually between one and one and a half hours. During this time the children make Chinese Fans and Grace translates each child's name and shows them, individually, how it is written in Chinese characters to write on their fans. When they have made their fans, we will teach the children a Chinese Fan Dance. 

The dance the children learn can be prepared to show standard, if your school would like the children to perform in front of parents, or other guests. If you would like to do this, please discuss when booking, as Grace will need a minimum session time of two hours with the group. Likewise please discuss any special education needs or behavioural issues that we should be aware of at this time. Thank you.