What people are saying about CultureKind:

Windmill Primary School, Telford

KS2 Chinese Workshops

Thank you so much for your fabulous input to our 'Diversity' work. The children enjoyed the Chinese Dancing incredibly and were talking about it for days afterwards. It's heartwarming to see them embracing other cultures, experiencing activities and cultures that most of them, whoever they are, would never encounter, and all with a smile on their faces! We hope you enjoyed your visit as much as we did your company. Thanks and very best wishes, Ian Butterworth.

Posted March 2012


Greenfields Primary School, Shrewsbury

Reception/Year 1 workshop

The children were engaged for the whole session! They learnt lots of new things and used some of the language later in the day. A great workshop - well done and thank you! Lucy Daley, Class Teacher

Posted February 2012


Greenfields Primary School

Reception class workshop

The children thoroughly enjoyed their Chinese Morning! The presentation was fun and informative and pitched very well for Foundation Stage. The children loved looking at the Lion and using the Chinese clothes, fans and hankies. Thank you very much. Emma Quinn-Lock, Early Years Manager

Posted February 2012


Queen Victoria Primary School, Dudley

Yr 5 & Yr 6 Chinese Workshops & Assembly

Very good! Great for kids. Assembly was visual, informative and exciting. It involved everyone and included the Chinese Lion. Workshops were well-pitched and informative without too much sitting around for the kids. The presenters had a lovely way with the children. Thank you :) Nicky Smith, R.E. Co-ordinator

Posted February 2012


Corpus Christi R.C. School, Birmingham

Year 3 Chinese Workshop

A very enjoyable session! The children were engaged verbally with the song and story-telling. The calligraphy was presented so that all the children were able to succeed.

Posted January 2012


Millbrook Primary School, Telford

Foundation Stage Chinese Workshop

Excellent! Presentation and activities were appropriate for the age group. The children were able to interact and continued to show their enjoyment in their play afterwards. Thank you! Ros Hine, Foundation Stage Manager

Posted January 2012


Yan Spencer

Parenting Course

I spend more time than before with my children now and they listen to me more. I also encourage them to learn and share using games and my boy really enjoys. We enjoy singing Nursery Rhymes at home now and we play songs in the car too. I have got my son more confident to meet new people.

Posted December 2011


Maryam (11yrs)

Chinese and Indian Dance

I like learning all different dances and styles. It helps me get more fit and I make new friends. If I didn't do this I would just be at home, and I will probably be bored but it's very fun doing dance.

Posted December 2011


Natalie Hunh (9yrs)

English Booster Class

I like your session because it's fun and you are kind, so are all the other staff too. The session helps me with my English a lot.

Posted December 2011


Corpus Christi School, Birmingham

Key Stage 1 Chinese Workshop

SUPER! Children really enjoyed the  and learning about dragons, and they loved your dance! Thank you for a wonderful session.

Posted November 2011


Tibberton C.E. Primary School, Telford

Key Stage 1 Chinese Workshop

The children had a fantastic day, they learned a great deal about Chinese culture and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Grace’s manner with the children is super and they were all fully engaged in all aspects of the tasks throughout. According to the children, the things they particularly enjoyed were Kung Fu, the fans and handkerchiefs and learning Chinese words. I would definitely recommend Grace’s workshop to any school who would like to enhance their intercultural understanding and language work.

Posted November 2011


Volunteer supporter at Booster Classes

Primary English and Maths Booster sessions

I enjoy helping the children with extra work and I like the friendly atmosphere in the sessions. Volunteering in this way gives me a sense of confidence from helping the children learn and I find it rewarding personally, as I convey knowledge in a fun way to the children so they find it enjoyable. Isabelle Plumb (17yrs)

PostedOctober 2011