Hindi and Punjabi Classes for Children.

Punjabi is spoken not only by those living in the Punjab, but also by many British people from Punjabi families living in the UK. It is a tonal language with nasal sounds and a syllabic alphabet. Gurmukhi, the Punjabi script, has 40 consonants and 10 vowels, and is written just as it is spoken making learning to read and write much easier than most other languages. 

Hindi is also spoken by many families in the UK, but as the children speak and write English with their friends, and all day at school, many don't achieve the proficiency in their native tongue, that their families would like, without some extra input. Our Hindi and Punjabi classes in Telford are a fun way for children to learn the skills of reading, writing and speaking these two popular languages in a happy, supportive, environment where they will receive praise and encouragement for all their efforts.

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