Sing-along with us!

We are busy developing a sing-a-long nursery rhyme CD for the children to sing to and learn in English and Chinese. 

This method of teaching is great fun and very quickly children, whose home language isn't English, learn important key easy to remember when they are accompanied with a happy tune.

Our nursery rhymes in Mandarin Chinese are a great way to expose youngsters to Chinese. Children quickly learn to repeat the words of this tonal language to familiar tunes and for children who are learning Chinese they are a fantastic way to consolidate, and learn new, vocabulary.

Feel free to go to the sing-a-long area we are developing on our web site...Click Here! or hit the Sing-a-long Button and you will find a music player. Try our songs to see how much fun it is to learn language with our sing-a-long method.

Feel free to go to the sing along area of our web site...Click Here!or hit the Sing Along Button and you will find a music player. Try each song you will se what fun it can be to learn English by singing along with delightful tunes.